RMS05 is a system suitable for narrow band deep sky imaging.

  • 16″ Custom Ritchey Chretien optics
  • SBIG STL6303E mono sensor, capable of being cooled to -30 below ambient
  • SBIG filter wheel complete with LRGB, HA, OIII and S II filters
  • Custom AP Focuser
  • SBIG CCD-1 Guider
  • Paramount ME mount


  • Focal Length: mm
  • F Ratio:
  • Chip Size  27.5×18.4 (mm):
  • Resolution: 3072×2048
  • Pixel Size (microns): 9×9
  • Image Scale (arsec/pixel):
  • Field of View (arcmins):
  • Pointing model 14.2 (arcsec)
  • PE


TheSkyX and Voyager

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